Manchester based energy co-op brings revolutionary biomass boilers to UK market

Manchester based energy co-operative Biomass Energy is leading the way in the field of renewable energy, with revolutionary multi-fuel biomass boilers.

The boilers use a new technology developed in the Czech Republic (but not seen in the UK before now), and burn waste such as olive pits, straw pellets, and agricultural waste, as well as more traditional wood fuel. These types of fuel burners are known as ‘Multi-bio’, and offer a low carbon alternative to the varieties usually installed in commercial, industrial and rural establishments.

Grant Miller, Sales Director at Biomass Energy Co-operative, spoke to Co-operative News in January: “Bringing the UK’s most flexible multi-fuel biomass boiler to market is an exciting development for us.

“Interest from farmers, community and leisure groups and the general public has been fantastic. People are genuinely amazed at how much they can save, and more and more people are now seeking to reduce their exposure to the vagaries of fossil fuel prices and do their bit to combat climate change by exploring renewable energy alternatives.

“We also invite farmers and bio waste producers to visit our testing facility where we can establish emission levels and suitability of their bio waste as fuel.”

The Co-operative Loan Fund assisted Biomass Energy Co-operative with a loan in 2012. The co-op also received help and business advice from The Co-operative Enterprise Hub, and a loan from Co-operative & Community Finance.

Find out more about Biomass Energy Co-operative on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.