Meet our funders #1 – Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society

Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society has been actively involved in Co-op Loan Fund since 2010 and is a member-owned, entirely independent, co-op society operating across mid-Essex since 1867.

They currently have 40 food stores, 2 department stores, 2 travel agents and 9 funeral homes; with their co-operative values and principles, environmental credentials and community work at the heart of everything they do.

Their co-ops are purpose-built to support the neighbourhoods and communities in which they operate through investment, grants, donations, volunteering, gifts, or supplying whatever a group needs to be able to support others.

You can keep up with the fantastic work Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society are doing throughout their co-ops and the communities they serve by visiting their website. We are proud to have Chelmsford Star as a funder, fellow co-operator, and supporter.

Making a donation
Co-op Loan Fund welcomes donations from any co-operative that wants to support the work of the fund. Co-operatives that make donations of over £50,000 may appoint a representative to the board if they wish. Co-operatives making small donations will also benefit from publicity. If you wish to discuss making a donation please contact us today.