An altogether different route to ethical, accessible loan finance

We are incredibly proud to be a co-op and during #CoopFortnight we’ll be joining Co-operatives UK in celebrating UK #coops and showing how together we can offer an altogether different way of doing business.

By supporting co-ops, people are supporting their local community, collective action and shared ownership in the face of adversity and tough economic times.

Throughout Co-op Fortnight we’ve been highlighting the fantastic co-operative sectors that we support and the brilliant work they do locally, nationally and internationally.

Co-op Loan Fund brings together the UK’s biggest and smallest co-op businesses in a practical demonstration of the principle of co-operation among co-operatives. It provides unique lending, from co-ops to co-ops. The endowments made years ago by The Co-op Group, Co-op Midcounties, East of England Co-operative Society and Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society have been lent and repaid and lent again so that over £5m has been used to support over 200 co-ops creating an altogether different route to ethical, accessible loan finance.

To find out more about what we do and the co-ops we support watch our latest video or visit our website.

Unique lending: to co-ops, from co-ops