Tech co-op enriches the human potential of workers, clients and audiences

A worker co-operative specialising in civic tech and extended reality (XR) are creating next generation software to enhance human potential in a sustainable way.

London based tech co-op Animorph specialise in delivering user-centric and context-specific software applications aimed at addressing people’s unmet needs, whether that’s improving the attention of brain injury survivors, or helping bring communities together towards a shared goal.

The co-op’s main services include web, mobile phone, and augmented and virtual reality apps, spanning medical, training and community development sectors.

Co-op Loan Fund has provided a loan to help with working capital, which will aid the delivery of two major contracts the co-operative has secured with partners in Belfast and the Republic of Ireland.

Geoffrey Morgan, Director and a co-founder of the co-operative said: “We aim to assist people with their fundamental and essential needs with a human-centric and open-minded approach to modern technologies. We believe there are better futures offered by technology and they belong to everyone.”

Kevin Lloyd-Evans, Lending and Relationship Manager of Co-operative & Community Finance which manages Co-op Loan Fund, said: “Animorph is an impressive organisation and the loan is fantastic opportunity for Co-op Loan Fund to support a sustainable technology-based company that is part of the co-operative movement.”

Co-op Loan Fund recognises tech and platform co-ops as a sector that requires significant focus and investment. Left unsupported, commercial tech giants are likely to take advantage, monopolise the markets and put greed and shareholder profit ahead of people and workers. Tech co-ops are uniquely placed to provide digital and technology enabled solutions which can address the challenges of the modern world while promoting co-operative values and principles.

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