Could your business be the next creative co-op?

Creative co-ops are delivering greater equality – both economically and culturally – not just to the co-operative sector, but locally in our communities, nationally and internationally.

Often made up of a consortia of the self-employed, small businesses and freelancers; creative co-ops can bring people together through mutual support, shared services, democratic governance and sustainable employment with the view to combining skills designed to meet the needs of those who share common values.

This collaboration and networking of creative individuals in a co-operative setting has created advances in the exploration of new technologies, platforms and a digital revolution in the way co-operatives engage with members, stakeholders, customers and suppliers.

Creative co-ops have been able to provide participative, open and democratic roles to creative freelancers who have often felt underpaid, under-appreciated and disconnected in the past. This positive atmosphere within the creative co-operative sector has created teams of people who enjoy working together, but most importantly meet the needs of clients that are focused on making the world a better place.

Co-op Loan Fund has been proud to work with and support many creative co-ops over the years including Sheffield Live, The Globe /, Blake House Co-operative, Alpha Communication, Stir to Action and Chapel Street Studio amongst others.

Could your business be the next creative co-op?

14 million people are members of a co‑op in the UK and you could be too. Join a co-op, support your community and be part of a movement that has the potential to change society for the better.

Coop Loan Fund provides unsecured loans to co-operatives with no personal guarantees up to £85,000 with ongoing advice and support and no set lending terms.

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