Fair work founded on the principles of co-operation

At a time of increasing precarious work and recent expanse of the exploitative ‘gig economy’, worker co-operatives can provide sustainability, equality and equity to members providing fair work at a time when it is greatly needed.

 This year Co-op Fortnight, the annual UK celebration of co-operation, is celebrating the benefits and diversity of co-op membership and encouraging people to #JoinACoop up and down the country. Built on values of co-operation; members of worker-owned businesses experience the benefits of autonomy, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity much more than they might expect in other workplaces.

Worker co-operatives have been reported to be more productive than conventional businesses in several sectors and have proven effective in creating sustainable jobs, improving quality of life for members, promoting community issues, and investing in local economies.

Worker-owned co-operatives can also offer extensive skills training and provide the opportunity for greater participation in governance and management of the business putting members at the forefront of decision making that helps their co-op succeed.

Coop Loan Fund is very proud to have worked with a number of excellent worker co-operatives over the years providing fair work in a sustainable, equal and equitable environment including:

Unicorn Grocery – Manchester’s worker-owned co-operative grocery
Stir to Action – Worker-owned organisation providing strategic economic development, national training programmes, and quarterly magazine.
Alpha Communication – Worker owned design & marketing co-operative
Blake House – Worker-owned film makers
Hempen – Worker co-op providing products for the health of people, community and planet.
Wild Thyme Wholefoods – Worker co-operative wholefood shop in Southsea.
R-Eco – Solar panel installers
Centrifuge – A social and economic development consultancy and worker co-op
Valley Organics – Wholefood zero packaging community shop and worker co-op
Café Kino – Vegan café, community space and worker co-op in Bristol

14 million people are members of a co‑op in the UK and you could be too.

Join a co-op, support your community and be part of a movement that has the potential to change society for the better.

Coop Loan Fund provides unsecured loans to co-operatives with no personal guarantees up to £85,000 with ongoing advice and support and no set lending terms.

Unique lending: to co-ops, from co-ops.